Rivista TD Tecnologie Didattiche

In Focus

Disruptive technologies and open practices
Speech by Grainne Conole
Network-Based Continuing Medical Education: Social Media and Professional Development
Edited by Guglielmo Trentin
Pedagogy in the digital age
edited by Donatella Persico and Vittorio Midoro
Using Network and Mobile Technology to Bridge Formal and Informal Learning
Edited by Guglielmo Trentin & Manuela Repetto
Network Technology and Homebound Inclusive Education
Edited by Guglielmo Trentin and Vincenza Benigno
New Pedagogical Approaches In Game Enhanced Learning: Curriculum Integration
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The Institute for Educational Technology 

The Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche (ITD) is one of the research institutes of the Italian National Research Council. The institute is devoted to the study of educational innovation brought about through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The research undertaken focuses on:

The main areas of reference for the Institute's research work are the cognitive sciences, computer science and the pedagogy of the various disciplines.

Active projects

SD2 - Servizio Documentazione Software Didattico SoDiLinux project logo Etna Project rete delle scuole laboratorio per lo sviluppo prof V-MusT.net - Digital learning resources WHAAM - Web Health Application for Adhd Monitoring VecNET - Designing e-learning quality METIS - Networked learning Entrepreneurship through Serious Games Models, methodologies and tools for eLearning models, methodologies and prototypes for school in Capturing the Intangible Cultural Heritage Tecnologie di Rete e Inclusione Scolastica Scintilla Project